Violin Storytelling String Program

Violin Storytelling String Program is devoted to a violin/viola student or a player who would like to learn more advanced playing techniques and become more proficient on their instrument.  It is meant to inspire and bring more joy and fun in a violinist/violist everyday practice and performance. 

Some of the topics covered in these exciting videos include Violin Posture and Placement of the instrument, Correct Bow Hold, Relaxation and Balance, Various Bow Techniques as well as focus on the proper Left-Hand set-up, Intonation, Shifting, Vibrato, Harmonics and many more!  I am also super excited about sharing a lot of tips on practice, motivation, endurance, and keeping your mind and body in the best shape.     

We offer a wide variety of lessons and classes that promote a high-quality instruction, that is interactive, fun and engaging!  

Please check out the full description of our lessons and classes that take place locally in Chicago, IL as well as online. 

Join me on this transformational journey!