“Old Method VS New Method”

Suppose you have been taking violin lessons for some time now. In that case, you are familiar with the old method of teaching and learning violin, which is usually unengaging, very rigid, and tedious. You are probably familiar with the teacher telling you: “Looks like you didn’t practice this week at all! Go home and practice!” Yes, practice, but what to practice, what to focus on, how to do it, etc. Like you were supposed to figure all this out by yourself.

After extensive research about violin education, I have developed a more modern and fresh approach to it! I am talking about violin learning in 2023 vs. violin education from the previous century! Online violin teaching has been such a revolutionary change when it comes to more engaging, fun, and inspiring playing. By getting clear practice points, you become your violin teacher! This approach is a very creative and rewarding experience—no more frustration, guesswork, and wasting time. You feel you are improving!

As a holistic music teacher and a performer, I always check my posture before I start playing, AND THIS IS WHAT I RECOMMEND TO MY STUDENTS, TOO – The violin setup that is based on a good and healthy foundation, meaning – good posture and position – your body stance: feet are shoulder apart, knees relaxed, violin posture and placement on your shoulder ensuring you are holding it high enough, so it’s not droopy and that the shoulders are nice and relaxed, then – proper bow hold, and to make sure the overall alignment is good. The perfect setup and technique are essential for the player’s success. Only this way can the violin/viola player learn how to shift correctly, vibrato, fast finger dexterity, a great bow mechanism, all fancy bow strokes, etc. And also to bring out musicality, as the gorgeous tone quality. In addition, every musician must be educated in music theory, understanding harmony, scales, arpeggios, and chords, and get a deeper understanding of the music composition – the structure, the form. Students should learn some elements of music theory in every lesson.

I am interested in being part of your team long-term, as I enjoy online music teaching and would love to teach more students. I want to share my knowledge with you and how we, as a team, can work together. I had taught online before the pandemic, and ever since the pandemic started, I was just amazed at how online teaching platforms have improved and developed to make this possible. For example, I prefer using Zoom for my online violin lessons, and it’s surprising how much this platform has grown to accommodate online music classes and minimize the sound delay. In addition, I have been testing many other online course platforms, email marketing, social media, and other places that would help make online music lessons superb quality and reach more people who want to learn to play the instrument. I strongly hope this way of online learning is not going to go away entirely once we are officially out of the pandemic.

My online teaching experience is based on one-on-one lessons, group classes, masterclasses, and recitals. I have taught both children and adults. I have been thrilled with online recitals for children, as they brought so much fun, joy, and positive interactions between the children and the parents, especially during the lockdown when the pandemic was at its strongest.

As for my adult online students, I create a monthly group coaching program that usually lasts five days. During those online meetings, I teach violin/viola techniques, solo repertoire, technical studies, scales, etc. I also organize an “Open Mic” event for this group where each participant has to play a solo, whether it’s a Classical piece, Jazz, Pop, or fiddle style. This kind of performance is so much fun, and the players love it and always prepare well for their online recital.